What are the Most Popular Essie Nail Polish Colors 2014?

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Essie Nail Polish Colors What are the Most Popular Essie Nail Polish Colors 2014?

Women with nail polish are best friends. They are inseparable. They are related each other and they cannot be separated each other. It is because the women need the nail polish in order to be beautiful while the nail polish needs the women to put them on their nails. When the women meet the right nail polished, they will be confident in front of the people no matter how many people they will meet. There are many brands of the nail polishes that women can easily pick their favorites and bring them home.

Most Popular Essie Nail What are the Most Popular Essie Nail Polish Colors 2014?

Essie Nail Polish Colors in 2014

OPI and Essie are the two brands that are well known in the market. However, Essie offers cheaper cost than OPI. Essie also has a wide range of collection in 2014 and there will be a lot more in the following year. What are the upcoming the most popular Essie nail polish colors in 2014 that will be favorites for the girls? Girls are much more comfortable in classic colors, while for the adults they can have glitter as their optional one.

  1. Allure – It is the color without a color. In the other words, this color of the nail polish looks like the nail’s foundation and nail’s supplement. Kate Middleton was the one who wore this Allure during her wedding day.
  2. Ballet slippers – This soft pink color reflects the ballerina. That is why it was given the name of the ballet slippers as the soft pink was used for the slippers with the same color.
  3. Mademoiselle – Sheer pink can be a great option for the ladies to be a mademoiselle during her time.
  4. Marshmallow – The name of marshmallow has been familiar to the children and it recalls the memories of the past, especially during the childhood. This white color represents the white marshmallow.
  5. Size Matters – It is not a common pink. It is the pink that looks similar to the diamonds since it looks bright and perfect.
  6. Mint Candy Apple – This blue mint color will be a pleased color not only for the users but also for the viewers. It is because the color is very cool and shady for the eyes. It is one of the most wanted collections of the most popular Essie nail polish colors 2014.